A Short Guide to American Slang: SUH, AF, BAE ..

TFW, Woke, AF – don’t ring a bell with you? No problem. You can always catch up with the little help of my Short Guide to American Slang. Slang is an informal language used by specific social groups like teenagers. If you speak slang – you belong.

Update 2018: This post has been reviewed in 2018 to reflect the latest changes in slang terms. 

What is slang?

Slang helps make awkward conversations or taboo topics more comfortable. For example: bropocalypse sounds somewhat more casual than it’s definition. Slang can also be useful in describing totally new experiences (like “the plug” referring to information about promoted products or services) when no existing formal word seems appropriate. Slang also helps you get to the point faster. Why say: somebody with awareness far beyond the level of expectation when you can simply say – woke.

Fun fact: If you thought that slang is a new phenomenon (because the young people like to use it so much) don’t be mistaken! Slang has always been around, just that the expressions used back than and today differ. Ever wondered which slang terms the cool people from the Victorian era may have used? Let’s see: Gas-pipes (very tight pants), Fly rink (bald head), Mutton shunter (policemen).

Do AF, SUH, FAM .. ring a bell?

Slang is and has always been an important part of everyday conversations. And so go ahead – catch up on the top American Slang terms using my guide below and give them a chance the next time you meet with your fam (trusted friends). You may want to stick to the more formal English at work and at school though.

Jump right to: AF, BAE, C-note, bromance, bropocalypse, da bomb, extra, fam, goat, high-key, hood, hundo p, jomo, lit, lo key, on fleek, p, savage, sis, snatched, suh, tfw, trill, unreal, v, woat,


AF means very or really, it is an acronym for “as fuck”. Teenagers love using it around clueless adults.

Example 1: I’m tired AF.

Example 2: I’m hungry AF.


Bae is yet another way to say babe or “before anyone else”. Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus even released a song titled “Come Get it Bae” discussing sex through the metaphor of a motorcycle.

Example 1: I love you bea.

Example 2: I’m waiting on bae shopping.


A one-hundred dollar bill. C stands for 100 in Latin.

Example 1: Got change for a c-note?

Example 2: You owe me a c-note.


A close relationship between heterosexual males. Combination of two words: brother and romance.

Example 1: Those two have such a bromance.

Example 2: “This gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance” – Barack Obama.


Large gathering of bros on a mission to get extremely intoxicated, usually ending in doing something stupid.

Example: I’m setting up a Bropocalypse, you in?

Da bomb

Simply outstanding or the best. Don’t use it in large gatherings, public transport or airports.

Example 1: This party is da bomb.

Example 2: Her new single is da bomb.


Over the top, excessive, unwarranted, extravagant, inappropriate.

Example 1: He always flies first class. That’s extra.

Example 2: You should’t have ordered so much food. That’s extra.


A group of close friends, family or just one member of that group.

Example 1: What’s up, fam?

Example 2: I got your back fam!


Acronym for greatest of all time.

Example 1: The latest iPhone is goat.

Example 2: He was posing the goat.

High Key

You don’t care that everyone knows about it. The opposite of low key.

Example: everyone knows now so this shit become high key.


The area where you live or reside in. Derived from neighborhood.

Example 1: I was born here, this is my hood.

Example 2: Let’s go back to da hood.

Hundo p

A hundred percent of something. Also certain/factual.

Example 1: We won’t make it on time, hundo p.

Example 2: Do you know even how to do this? Hundo p.


Joy of missing out. The opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Example 1: I’m so glad I closed my Facebook account. JOMO!

Example 2: I’m a cord cutter. I couldn’t stand the commercials. JOMO.


Totally amazing or intoxicated.

Example 1: Your dress is lit.

Example 2: That party was lit.

Lo Key

A secret, kept down. The opposite of High Key.

Example: Just don’t tell anyone, I’m trying to keep it low key.

On Fleek

Perfect, flawless or on point. Older version of snatched.

Example: Your eyebrows are on fleek.


P means pretty.

Example 1: I’m p tired.

Example 2: That movie was p awesome.


A person who is reckless, ruthless, doesn’t care about consequences.

Example 1: Did you see what he just did?

Example 2: He is a total savage.


Abbreviation for “Sister in spirit”, somebody really close, your bestie or bae.

Example: Hey sis, how are you doin?


Perfect, on point. The new version of on fleek.

Example 1: Sis, your dress is snatched!

Example 2: Look at her, she got snatched over the summer.


Extremely short version of what’s up. SUH = Sup + Huh.

Example 1: suh bro?

Example 2: Dude, suh with you?


Abbreviation for That feel when.

Example: TFW you kiss your bae good night.


Being true and real.

Example: Those trill dudes have their rules.


Unbelievably cool or brilliant.

Example 1: This song is just unreal.

Example 2: That show was simply unreal.


V means very.

Example 1: He is v good at basketball.

Example 2: I’m v tired.


Acronym for worst of all time. The opposite of the greatest of all time.

Example 1: That movie sucked, it was woat.

Example 2: He is so woat, it’s his worst play ever.


Knowledgeable, familiar, aware above the level of expectations.

Example 1: Pink dresses consciously discriminate. You are clearly woke!

Example 2: We have a moral obligation to “stay woke,” take a stand and be active


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