learn spoken English

How to learn spoken English?

US diplomates are given no more than 44 weeks to learn how to speak a foreign language and how to serve as an informal interpreter. How do they do that? Well, unlike the rest of us they have their own special School of Language Studies, … Read more

canadian accent

How to recognize the Canadian accent?

Canada’s special. Free healthcare, well-thought immigration policy and no shortage of snow. South Park making fun of how Canadians would apologise for even being polite. And finally there’s that special way Canadians say about. It’s hard not to like Canada! Today, I’m going to show … Read more

guide to american slang

A Short Guide to American Slang: SUH, AF, BAE ..

TFW, Woke, AF – don’t ring a bell with you? No problem. You can always catch up with the little help of my Short Guide to American Slang. Slang is an informal language used by specific social groups like teenagers. If you speak slang – you belong. … Read more