Porsche pronunciation

How to say Porsche? Pronounce it right!

Porsh or Por-shaah? I’ve seen probably a dozen movies where a character said they drive a Porsch and at least a few in which the second syllable was prolonged Por-shaah. This dilemma even got featured in one of the most popular TV shows of all … Read more

NATO phonetic alphabet banner

Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie – who doesn’t know those famous code words? And they come handy! I remember one contestant on Wheel of Fortune who panicked and said “R for yellow”. Is yellow even a legit code word for Y? The NATO alphabet saved me when … Read more

Worcestershire sauce pronunciation

Worcestershire is just one of those English words that is impossible to pronounce right by just looking at it. And despite the fact that Worcestershire sauce has been around since 1830 most people struggle with its pronunciation. When Chef Pasquale posted a Youtube video with … Read more

guide to american slang

A Short Guide to American Slang: SUH, AF, BAE ..

TFW, Woke, AF – don’t ring a bell with you? No problem. You can always catch up with the little help of my Short Guide to American Slang. Slang is an informal language used by specific social groups like teenagers. If you speak slang – you belong. … Read more